Quality professional grade products and wholesale direct prices, Our products are exported from Europe around the world. We have over 25 years of experience in waxing

A french production of Roll-on or strip waxes

Different sizes

different sizes of 100ml roll-on wax

Some examples of different models in wax cartridge that we can provide

Different waxes

Our Roll-on system is very hygienic. There is no handling of wax. It's a more comfortable method of depilation applied at low temperature. Practical, with no dripping, also economical. Once finished, it can be easily disposed. One cartridge is good for up to four legs. This product is ideal for large areas like legs, back, chest and arms.

Our cartridges 100 ml with Roll On 45 mm in the different waxes that we provide usually.
Dimensions of the body of the cartridge : 11 x 5.2 x 2.2 cm


Our Roll-on system are very hygienic

Different roller screw available for refills that we provide.


Choose your jar model for Quality Soft strip waxes for full body waxing

Jars in 400, 800 ml can be our brand Look Concept, delivered "White" without identification, or with your brand if you prefer